About Profilehunt

Profilehunt started out as yet another job board. While I was building a job board I thought I should add some things like bookmarking for setting jobs aside to apply later. While doing that I thought why not build a special Kanban board itself focused on job hunting?

So came the idea of the Kanban board for job hunting. After that, I realized it would be cumbersome to add jobs manually every time to the board. That is why I built the browser extension. My future plan for Profilehunt is to build a fully-featured recruiting solution for employers which updates the application status for candidates in real-time. I think there is room for improvement for both sides of the application process.

Profilehunt has been built using/uses the following technologies.

About me

Hi, my name is Prithvi ( https://twitter.com/pvsukale ). I am based out of India. I am a software engineer. I recently quit my job to work on my side projects full time. You can follow me on Twitter for updates on my projects: https://twitter.com/pvsukale .