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Posted: 12 months ago

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full time
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UI Development - Intern


Converts into a full time ‘UI Developer’ position based on performance



A UI Developer, for an early-stage Analytics startup who can help us translate UX designs into a responsive and rich user interface. Also help in improving design/functionality of product. End goal is to achieve product-market objectives


The candidate will have rich learning into what goes into designing, developing, and scaling a product from scratch. A chance to grow into a UI Development Owner in medium term




1. Own UI Development closely with UX / Technology Owner

2. Implement and maintain product UI modules/sub-systems.

3. Perform bug verification, release testing and support for assigned products.

4. Conduct unit testing and integration testing.

5. Make sure the delivered product matches the business requirements.


Expectations from candidate


1. Ability: Good at logical thinking, problem solving

2. Inclination: Curious and strong willingness to learn from problems, write good code

3. Knowledge: Basics of UI Development (Some academic degree/certification or Prior experience/Projects preferred), Data visualization

4. Languages/Frameworks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS

5. Interest in product focused work in a fast-moving start-up environment

6. Attitude: We are looking for a person with an owner mindset who can partner with us in building our product with a lot of commitment. We like people who are curious problem solvers and are interested in learning with us and working hard.


What we offer


1. Great culture focused on outcomes through learning and experimentation

2. Mentoring by experienced professionals from pedigreed backgrounds (IIT/IIMs)

3. Growth, ownership, and flexibility to achieve your goals.

Skills:- Material Design, HTML/CSS, Javascript, React.js and NextJs (Next.js)

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