Field Service Engineer - Industrial Automation

Optify Industrial Solutions Private Limited

Posted: about 1 year ago

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full time
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4 - 10 lacs/annum
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Candidate Overview


Are you technically strong and experienced to commission automation projects by yourself?


Are you experienced enough to train juniors on how to install instrumentation sensors?


Do you want to lead a commissioning team within 6 months?


Are you up for the challenge of managing 2 or more teams commissioning simultaneously at different locations within a year?


Are you looking to learn cutting edge engineering practices and apply them in the industry?


Are you willing to learn automation involving Artificial Intelligence?


We, at Optify, are looking for a technically superior and fluent engineer who has experience in commissioning instrumentation projects in the industry. He will start by commissioning Optify’s own hardware at site while training juniors under him so that he can manage a team of commissioning engineers within one year and maybe even elevate himself to manage multiple teams at once. He needs to also plan the execution of commissioning and troubleshoot the installation at site if required.




  • Make a plan for commissioning Optify’s system to ensure timely and easy commissioning
  • Receive Optify panel at site, instruct where to place the panel and how to lay cables to customer’s team so that the project commissioning starts as expected and any challenges are seen in this stage itself
  • Install sensors and ensure their correct working such that there are no problems in future for Optify’s system either by himself or by his team
  • Be present at the site while commissioning to troubleshoot problems when they arise to help Optify grow faster with his team
  • Accompany the CEO and CTO while meeting new clients to learn how to communicate with plant heads and owners so that he can do this himself in the later stages of his career at Optify
  • Manage and mentor juniors so that they are able to commission Optify panels - while the engineer is learning how to lead a team and be a manager at Optify




  1. B.E. in Electronics / Instrumentation with minimum 2 years of industrial automation experience
  2. Must have led the commissioning of 3 industrial automation projects by himself
  3. Willingness to travel to industries multiple days at a time for commissioning
  4. Native fluency in Telugu
  5. Experience in selecting and installing sensors and actuators like temperature, flow, pressure, control valves, VFD etc.
  6. Experience in troubleshooting installations at the site (for sensor error, wiring error, logic error etc)
  7. Good planning skills to plan multiple installations at once to be a skilled manager at Optify within 1 year
  8. Ability to explain technical concepts to juniors and customers in a lucid manner so that they understand easily


Perks and Benefits 

  • High autonomy and independence
  • Rewarding work profile with immediate appreciation
  • Meeting new people and building warm relationships
  • Work with a young, agile and enthusiastic team in a fast-paced environment
  • Pay increases in proportion to value to the company, and usually exceeds industry standard
  • Health insurance, meal allowance etc.


Candidate Base Location

Vijayawada or Rajahmundry (new office to be set up and headed in one of these two cities by the selected candidate)             

Skills:- PLC, PLC Scada, Instrumentation, Field service, Electronics, Field engineering, Sensors, Electrical wiring, Communication Skills and Industrial automation

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