Engineering Manager - 2 Frontend

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Position type
full time
Job source
50 - 70 lacs/annum
Job location
Bengaluru (Bangalore)

About Us

At Porter, we are passionate about improving productivity. We want to help businesses, large and small, optimize their last-mile operations and empower them to unleash the growth of their core functions. Last-mile delivery logistics is one of the biggest and fastest-growing sectors of the economy, with a market cap upwards of $50 billion USD and a growth rate exceeding 15% CAGR.

Porter is the fastest-growing leader in this sector, with operations in 18 major cities, a fleet size exceeding 1L registered and 50k active driver-partners, and a customer base with 3.5M being monthly active. Our industry-best technology platform has raised over $150 million USD from investors including Sequoia Capital, Kae Capital, Mahindra Group, LGT Aspada, Tiger Global, and Vitruvian Partners.

We are addressing a massive problem and going after a huge market. We’re trying to create a household name in transportation and our ambition is to disrupt all facets of the supply chain. Our team comprises people who have built products at Amazon, Apple, RocketFuel, WalmartLabs, and ETH Zurich, among others.

At Porter, we’re here to do the best work of our lives. If you want to do the same and love the challenges and opportunities of a fast-paced work environment, then we believe Porter is the right place for you.

What We Would Like You to Own

Product Development

  • Work closely with the product, design and business stakeholders to create a functional roadmap to deliver on both business and product goals while maximizing delivery and impact.
  • Work with the product and design team to translate business requirements into technical specifications, ensuring that the team is delivering the right features, with the right quality and within the agreed timeframe.
  • Ensure that the team is delivering maintainable code with provisions for customizations and A/B testing.
  • Regularly assess product impact and application performance through tools like Google Analytics, DataDog, and Lighthouse.
  • Continuously review and improve the development process, ensuring that the team is using best practices in software engineering, and that the product is delivered efficiently and effectively.

Team Management

  • Lead, mentor, and develop a high-performing engineering team, fostering a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and technical excellence.
  • Ensure that the development team has a clear understanding of the goals and objectives for each project, as well as the roadmap for delivering on those goals. You will work with the team to define and execute the development plan, including determining the appropriate resources, milestones, and dependencies required to ensure successful delivery
  • Collaborate with other cross-functional teams, such as product, design, and operations, to drive product development and delivery.
  • Provide technical guidance and direction to the engineering team, ensuring that the team is delivering high-quality, scalable, and maintainable code.
  • Ensure that the team is using best practices in software engineering, such as code reviews, testing, and continuous integration/continuous delivery.

Technical Leadership

  • Provide technical leadership, ensuring that the team is using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver high-quality software.
  • Ensure that the team is following established design principles and architectural patterns, and that the code is maintainable, scalable, and performant.
  • Ensure that the team is following best practices in security, privacy, and data protection.
  • Ensure that the team is following established coding standards and practices, and that the code is readable, maintainable, and scalable.

What We Would Like You to Have

  • 10+ years of experience in software engineering, with at least 3 years of experience leading and managing engineering teams.
  • Experience of leveraging your technical expertise, along with your ability to think critically to make data-driven decisions
  • Expertise in React, with a deep understanding of its core concepts such as components, state management, and React hooks. Proven experience with cutting-edge web frameworks like NextJS and Remix, using them to develop robust, scalable, and performant web applications.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, and experience with server-side technologies, such as Ruby on Rails.
  • Knowledge of functional programming paradigms and UI architecture patterns.
  • Experience with testing frameworks, such as JEST, and experience with modern authentication mechanisms.
  • Strong leadership skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire a team, and to drive results in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong understanding of Agile development methodologies, and experience with sprint management software, such as JIRA.
  • Experience with CI/CD frameworks, with hands-on experience with Git or a similar source code management tool.

Your Tech Stack

  • Web Application Framework - React, Ruby on Rails
  • Programming Languages - ReasonML/Rescript, Typescript, JavaScript, Kotlin, HTML, CSS.
  • Tools and Libraries - Webpack, Sentry, NextJS, NodeJS, Jest, Figma
  • Communication - HTTP, GraphQL, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS
  • Observability - Google Analytics, Lighthouse, Sentry, Kibana, Datadog

Skills:- Javascript, Redux/Flux and NextJs (Next.js)

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