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Posted: about 1 year ago

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full time
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Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: Delaware, USA
URL: https://damngoodleads.com

We have 3 concerns we're addressing with this role, and I talk about them in video format as well. 


$4k/month USD, paid as a contractor

Sales Performance

 - Is each client getting their desired result? Meaning, are we send cold emails that generate meetings and positive responses?
 - Does the copy in their campaign need change/testing? How about the targeting?
 - How are their cold emails performing compared to last week? How about to other similar clients?

Client Success

 - Is each client having their feedback digested into our task system, and are they being communicated with?
 - Are we communicating to each client the work we're doing and how we see it improving their success?
 - Do we have our finger on the pulse of customer happiness?

Overall Performance

 - Across all clients, are we seeing any trends in deliverability? If so, what are we going to do about it?
 - What can we do, technically, to improve the amount of emails that hit the inbox?
 - What can we do, strategically, to improve our approach to cold email?

The right person for the role will help us answer these questions as an ongoing basis. We're working in Instantly, multiple email servers/hosts, and with custom tools. The right person has some experience there and experience in technical interfaces for domain/email management.

We're scrappy guys pulling together a system to make this work for all involved. Maybe you want to own your own business, or just run one for someone else. We've been there and done that and are happy to coach you into a future role or project of your own. 

Looking forward to looking at your application :)

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/damngoodleads-performance-manager

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