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Posted: about 1 year ago

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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

We are looking for an amazing Operations Engineer to join the team at Cliniko. We work on mission critical software for our customers in the healthcare space, where security, reliability, and performance are paramount. We’re not so interested in your qualifications, we care much more about your skills and passion. We want someone that is looking to do their best work, in a company that will support them to do so.

What is Cliniko?

Cliniko is practice management software that makes life easier for allied health professionals by handling appointment scheduling, storing treatment notes, running video consultations, and much more. It’s used by more than 100,000 people globally!

Our team of 49 people work remotely throughout the world but our base is in Melbourne, Australia. We care much more about finding the best person for the job than where someone is based.

We don't have managers, we rarely have meetings, and there are no time sheets to complete. We're responsible, autonomous, creative, and proactive in doing our best for our customers. We're focused on making great software and we take pride in doing good work. It’s also important to us that we have a positive impact on the world.

If you want to know more about how we work, our founder, Joel, gave a talk about it.

What you'll work on

You’ll spend your time improving Cliniko. Things you might be doing include: 

  • Keeping Cliniko secure.
  • Ensuring Cliniko is reliable.
  • Making Cliniko as fast as possible.
  • Migrating data across different regions.
  • Improving logging, monitoring, and alerts.
  • Improving deployment processes.
  • Optimising spend.
  • Anything else you think needs doing. 

Our goal is to do right by our customers and you’ll be working on making Cliniko better for them.


We are hiring an Operations Engineer in any time zone. There may be times when you will be needed outside your regular working hours, but that shouldn’t be a regular occurrence.

You want to work in a place where you can do your best work and have fun, too. You want to constantly improve. You have empathy, and can place yourself into the shoes of the people using Cliniko. You’re excited by the opportunity to make a real difference with your work.

You love infrastructure. You’ve probably run a few of your own services at one point. Most of it is automated, and it bugs you that some of it isn’t. You care about the security of systems and services. You dream about deployment pipelines. You appreciate not only the beauty in simplicity, but also the practical benefits. Familiarity with AWS, ECS, CDK, Docker, and experience with deploying containerised apps would be a bonus! 

No matter what your background is, or how you identify, if you feel you meet the requirements, we encourage you to apply. We are committed to the continual diversification of the team and working to constantly improve our inclusivity, which is crucial to how we work.


Here are some things we do a little differently to enable people to do their best work and live a happy life:

  • 30-hour work week, full-time pay.
  • Flexible hours, choose when you work.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Unlimited annual leave (minimum 4 weeks per year).
  • Supplied computer equipment.
  • Ergonomic furniture.
  • Fresh organic fruit delivered weekly to your home.
  • Overseas trips for team meet-ups.
  • No managers.
  • No scheduled meetings.

In summary

We're looking for someone special. We don't hire often and, when we do, we can get thousands of applicants. We will do our best to offer you a job you can love, and that lets you achieve your best, but we expect you to do your part.

Here’s your chance to work on challenging and interesting problems with a bunch of super talented people. If this sounds like you, we hope to hear from you soon!

How to apply

Please understand that we may have a very high number of applications, so while we want to get to know you, being clear and concise is also appreciated. Oh, and friendly, too! We're not looking for a professional message written like or by a robot. We want to get a feel for who you are.

When you get to the application form, there'll be a few bits to answer:

  • Some basic information, name, and email.
  • A question that requires you to check our security features. This one is important, if you don’t get this right, we won’t consider your application.
  • A few other written questions that let us know a bit more about you. As only a small percentage of applicants will be taken through to a video chat, you’ll want to spend your time on these. Please be friendly, accurate, and clear while showing us that you're someone we should talk to. 

Applications are open until 31st May 2023 at 11:59 pm AEST.

What you can expect after applying

Once you've applied, sit back and relax while we get to work on our side! We will individually review every application that has answered the security question correctly. When reviewing, at least one person from the Cliniko team will read your application. 

You can expect to hear back from us by 7th June, 2023 at latest (1 week after closing applications). Every application will get a response, whether successful or not. If you haven't heard from us by the end of that day, please do let us know.

At this point, we'll be down to less than 50 applicants still in the running, so you can see why the written questions matter. Our founder, Joel, will then have a 5-minute video call with everyone in this group to determine who will continue to the test stage. This round should take approximately 1 week to complete.

We will then narrow the pool to less than 20 applicants, and there'll be a small technical task to complete. We will pay $200 AUD to each applicant that completes the task to help compensate for the time spent. We expect this task will take you approximately 6 hours, so please make sure you're prepared to spend that time before applying. You'll have support from us while you’re working on this task, just like you would if you got the job here. We want to replicate what it's like to work with you as best we can.

From the tasks, we will select just a few to video chat with people from a range of roles on our team (support, developers, etc.) to help us make the final choice. 

Finally, the exciting part for us, and those that are chosen: we'll hire someone! That will happen fast, and the start date will be chosen by the applicant.

We know it's quite a process to go through, so we want to make sure you know what you're in for upfront. It's important that you can make an informed decision to participate or not. We'll be transparent with everyone along the way.

One final note, unfortunately due to the quantity of applications we receive, we are not able to provide feedback for those not successful in the first round. In the later stages, we'll do our best to provide what we can, if requested.

Good luck!

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