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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

We are hiring a few amazing people to join the team at Cliniko to help with supporting our customers during Australian business hours. Most of our customers are healthcare business owners and we love supporting them to get the most out of Cliniko. We don't care too much about your experience or credentials; we’re far more interested in your personality, passion, and work ethic. A sense of humour helps a lot too.

What is Cliniko?

Cliniko is practice management software that makes life easy for allied health professionals by handling appointment scheduling, storing treatment notes, running video consultations, and much more. The software is used globally by more than 100,000 people every day.

Our team of 46 people are spread around the world, working remotely. Our base is in Melbourne, Australia. We care much more about finding the best person for the job than looking for someone that lives nearby.

We don't have managers, we rarely have meetings, and there are no time sheets to complete. We're responsible, autonomous, creative, and proactive in doing our best for our customers. We're focused on making great software, and we take pride in doing good work. It’s also important to us that we have a positive impact on the world.

If you want to know more about how we work, our founder, Joel, gave a talk about it.

What you'll work on

You’ll spend your time supporting Cliniko customers. This includes:

  • Responding to chat/email messages from existing customers.
  • Helping people decide if Cliniko would suit their business.
  • Voice calling customers when chat isn't enough or it's requested.
  • Communicating with people via social media.
  • Raising issues to share with our developers.
  • Working with third party integrators to solve customer problems.
  • Engaging in peer review feedback to help others improve.
Our goal is to do right by our customers in every single interaction, so you'll be empowered (and expected) to provide amazing support.


We are hiring specifically for Australian business hours (9am to 5pm AEST), which means that your work day must entirely fall within 6am to 8pm in your local time zone. We won't consider applications from anyone intending to work outside of these hours. We understand that some people consider themselves "night owls". Unfortunately, if this is you, it won't be a reason to consider you for this role. Instead, please do keep an eye out for when we’re hiring in a more suitable time zone for you. We care greatly for the health of our team, and their ability to work with us long term. We want to make sure the job is a positive in their lives, and we believe working during daylight hours greatly impacts that.

Who you are

You want to work in a place where you can do your best work and have fun, too. You want to constantly improve. You have empathy, and can place yourself into the shoes of the people using Cliniko. You have a sense of humour, and know when it's appropriate to use it!

You have superb English skills (both verbal and written). You are able to take your thoughts and put them together in easy to understand language. You're able to convey your messages in a friendly, accurate, and jargon-free way. You appreciate a good Oxford comma.

No matter what your background is, or how you identify, if you feel you meet the requirements, we encourage you to apply. We know that having a diverse team is necessary to gain different perspectives, and that’s ultimately how we’ll continue to find new ways to make Cliniko better. We are committed to the continual diversification of the team and working constantly to improve our inclusivity, which is crucial to how we work.


Here are some things we do a little differently to enable people to do their best work and live a happy life:

  • 30-hour work week, full-time pay.
  • Flexible hours, choose when you work.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Unlimited annual leave (minimum 4 weeks per year).
  • Supplied computer equipment.
  • Ergonomic furniture.
  • Fresh organic fruit delivered weekly to your home.
  • Overseas trips for team meet-ups.
  • No managers.
  • No meetings.
The salary for this position will be $80,000 AUD p/year, or equivalent in your local currency. 

It's worth noting that we pay very well for this role, and in general. We hire great people, they do great work, and they deserve to be rewarded well. But this has nothing to do with experience and credentials. The only thing that matters to us is the work you'll do with us, and the value you'll add to our team. Don't be discouraged if this is well above your previous earnings. Your income history is no part of our decision making.

In summary

We're looking for someone special. We don't hire often and when we do, we can get thousands of applicants. We will do our best to offer you a job you can love, and one that lets you achieve your best, but we also expect you to do your part.

You should be absolutely passionate about providing amazing support. You should take pride in your work and be excited to do it.

How to apply

Please be respectful that we'll have a very high number of applications, so while we want to get to know you, being clear and concise is also appreciated. Oh, and we value friendliness, too! We're not looking for a professional message written like a robot. We want to get a feel for who you genuinely are.

When you get to the application form, there'll be a few bits to answer:

  • Some basic information, name, and email.
  • Some multiple choice questions that require a little searching on our website. These questions must all be answered correctly to be considered. These are just here to see you've put a little effort in, and to save us some time with the inevitable applications that don't warrant individual review.
  • A few other written questions that let us know a bit more about you, and how you communicate. As only a small percentage of applicants will be taken through to a video chat, you’ll want to spend your time on these. Please be friendly, accurate, and clear while showing us that you're someone we should talk to. 
Applications are open until March 23, 2023 at 11:59 pm AEST.

What you can expect after applying

Once you've applied, sit back and relax while we get to work on our side! We'll only begin reviewing applications from March 23, 2023, after applications have closed. Given the volume of applications we receive, it can take us some time to review them all. We will individually review every applicant that is within the right time zone and has answered the multiple choice questions correctly. When we’re reviewing, at least one person from the Cliniko team will read your application. 

You can expect to hear back from us by April 13, 2023 at latest (3 weeks after closing applications). Every application will get a response, whether successful or not. If you haven't heard from us by the 13th of April, please do let us know.

At this point, we'll be down to close to 50 applications still in the running, so you can see why the written questions when applying are important. Our founder, Joel, will then have a 5-minute video call with all these applicants, to determine who will continue to the test stage. This round should take 1 - 2 weeks to complete depending on the number of applicants still remaining.

We will then narrow the pool to less than 20 applicants, and there'll be a small mock support task to complete. We will pay $200 AUD to each applicant that completes the task to compensate for the time spent. We expect that this task will take approximately 6 hours to complete, so please make sure you're prepared to spend that time before applying. You'll have support from us while you’re working on this task, just like you would if you got the job here. We want to replicate what it's like to work together (for both you and us) as best we can.

From the tasks, we will select just a few to have some short video chats with a number of people from our team to help us make the final choice. You'll likely chat to people from a range of roles at Cliniko (support, developers, etc.).

Then, finally — the most exciting part for us, and those that are chosen — we'll hire some people to join our team! This will happen fast, and the start date will be chosen by the applicant.

We know it's quite a process to go through, so we want to make sure you know what you're in for up front. It's important that you can make an informed decision to participate or not. We'll be transparent with everyone along the way. We want to find the most suitable people to join our team and look after our customers.

One final note, unfortunately due to the quantity of applications we receive, we are not able to provide feedback for those who are unsuccessful in the first round. In the later stages, we'll do our best to provide any feedback we can, if requested.

Good luck!

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