Cantabile: Seeking a “Go-Getter” for a Flexible & Long-Term Growth Role


Posted: 7 months ago

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Hi, my name is Carrie LeSage and I run a company that creates online high-ticket coaching programs and communities in partnership with NYT bestselling authors, experts, influencers, and thought leaders. 

It’s a new company (just a few months old) but already profitable and on-track for tremendous growth. 

The company is named Cantabile – a term we borrowed from music to describe the “smooth and songlike” experience we strive to bring to our clients and customers alike. 

For the right person, this is a huge opportunity to get in early at a company that is heading in an exciting direction!  

This role is a fit for you if…  

→ You’re internally driven to achieve your highest potential, and want to prove yourself in a varied role with tight deadlines and a huge potential growth trajectory 

→ You’re a generalist who isn’t afraid to dive into new skills and areas of expertise, and want to hone your own skillset (becoming a “Swiss Army Knife” for startups)

→ You’re a clear and direct communicator, in speaking and in writing (English), and have an insatiable curiosity for wide-ranging topics

→ You’re confident working with high-achieving (and sometimes famous) clients and customers with poise, professionalism, and complete confidentiality

→ You’re looking for a flexible, remote work opportunity to be a vital member of a small, tight-knit team – and you’re ultra-reliable and ready to hustle 

A few reasons to join our company… 

- We’re only a few months old, already profitable, independent, and debt-free – with expectations of consistent steady growth over the coming months and years

- We create, market, and manage high-ticket online coaching programs and communities in partnership with highly accomplished clients, with a focus on edifying personal- and professional-development topics

- We’re not in the business of planning moonshots or raising unicorns (as exciting as those can be) but will succeed through faithful and consistent service to our clients over the long term, to the benefit of huge numbers of their customers over the coming years 

- We serve tremendously successful customers in these programs – course members as diverse as tech founders, Hollywood personalities, executives, college professors, techno-futurists, authors, and nonprofit leaders 

- Our team vibes center around kindness and quality: we’ll only bring in A+ players and foster a culture of excellence, integrity, and initiative, with an eye toward flexible, asynchronous work and genuinely warm connections. (As an early hire, you’ll have a hand in helping us establish this!)

- We’re keeping it real: while we’re open to using AI-powered solutions where helpful, we are in the business of connecting real thought leaders with the real people who respect them. Our goal is human: to support transformative learning and nurture life-giving relationships within our cohorts and communities. (We’re betting that the demand for real connections only increases with every tech advance!)

Here’s what the role looks like: 

As our new operations assistant, you’ll wear lots of hats. We’ll depend on you to take on many of our day-to-day tasks as well as owning various projects for our clients’ programs. 

You will… 

→ Work confidently (and learn quickly) inside various SAAS solutions such as Kajabi, Circle, Mighty Networks, and ConvertKit, and will help us build sales pages, opt-in flows, course pages, and community spaces. No need to be a programmer, but some technical proficiency will be necessary. 

→ Help ensure we maintain the highest level of quality in everything we do through detailed Q/A and proofreading (you’ll need a good mastery of written English for this, with an old-fashioned eye toward proper capitalization, punctuation, formatting, etc). 

→ Support our customers in a variety of ways: email, online communities, and hosting Zoom calls for course sessions as needed during the 6-week spans when cohorts are running. 

→ Prepare our Members Area and Community spaces ahead of each cohort, working closely with our developmental editor to ensure we bring our clients’ visions to life with attention to every last detail.

→ Help us stay organized and on-track ahead of launches – managing our course video editing process, helping us support sales affiliates, scheduling emails and blog posts, creating PDFs for the Members Area, and more. 

The role will be flexible for the most part – we’ll trust you to bring your A-game consistently and get things done in your own time. (Most of our team communication will take place in writing.) 

The two exceptions to this are as follows: 
  1. Occasional Meetings – We’ll communicate in writing as much as possible, but we’ll still need to connect on a call from time to time.
  2. Hosting Course Sessions – During the stretches when cohorts are in session (currently 6 weeks), you may be depended on for hosting some weekly (or even daily) Zoom calls for course sessions. These are critical. You’ll need to be 100% rock-solid and dependably early to every call, ready to support our clients or facilitators with poise as they teach each session. 

This role will start off at 20 hours per week, but will increase to full-time as we partner with additional clients – and we hope to find someone who is a fit to grow alongside us over the long term. As an early hire, you’ll also be well placed to grow into a leadership role as the team evolves.

The role will require resolve, initiative, and 100% dependability, so if you need lots of hand-holding or have trouble being consistent, it won’t be a fit. 

Also, you must have access to reliable high-speed Internet in a professional (quiet) setting; course sessions cannot be hosted from a cafe or skipped because you’re traveling outside of a good coverage area. 

Though we have no strict location restrictions, you’ll need to be available for calls/sessions whenever they happen, generally during Pacific coast work hours. 

How to apply: 

To apply for this role, shoot me a short email letting me know why you’re the best fit for the role. (Please don’t include a CV or any attachments; just tell me why you’re right for the job.) 

I regretfully won’t be able to respond to most inquiries, but if your note shows a potential fit I’ll get in touch with you within the week to follow up! 

There is no strict deadline, but sooner is better for reaching out; we’ll be closing applications for the role as soon as we find someone wonderful to fill it. 

Please send your note to the following address: 

I’ll be reading every application personally (no filtering algorithms used here), and look forward to your message! 


To apply:

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