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Posted: 2 months ago

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full time
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USA Only

Headquarters: Texas, Austin
URL: https://www.popcorngrowth.com/

Account Executive Job Description 
This is a fully-remote position. We just want the best, wherever you are.

In this position, you will be part of a dynamic and fast-paced team that values impact, efficiency and independence. As a fully remote company, all of our team members  are fully responsible  for their roles and sphere of influence.

Our clients are respected brands. You must be comfortable engaging senior stakeholders (VP of Marketing, CMOs) at high-value clients, providing expert insights on the influencer marketing and social media trends, and clearly establishing our value-add to the brands. 

We pride ourselves on being thought leaders in it with our clients for the long run - no “Get 1 million followers in 3 days” or “Make $10,000 in a month”. 

We are champions of “work smart, and hard” and are building for scale. If you are someone who would rather take 30-min figuring out how to optimize a process, than spend 10 minutes doing it manually every day, you are a great fit for our team. 

Account Executive Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree 
  • 1 to 7 years of work experience in a creative, marketing, digital marketing or branding agency, specifically in a new account development or an account servicing role for national or global brands 
  • Understanding of consumer marketing preferred 
  • Ability to work under pressure and deal independently with senior clients in brands
  • Travel within North America for client meetings expected

Your Goals
You will start by receiving some leads from Popcorn Growth, and converting these clients with an entry level service (billing ~$50,000 over 6 months) that allows our clients to understand our unique proposition. Once you have built a network of clients, you are expected to source your own leads.

For reference, because of our strong value proposition, our standard campaigns take about [1 to 5 calls] to convert, and have a sales lead time of about 3 to 4 months. 

Will you succeed in this role?

People who excel in our environment are people who are fast, independent learners who can pick up concepts quickly. 

Our training consists of:
  • 2-day Product and Value proposition training
  • Shadowing the Head of Sales on sales calls 
  • Video recordings of sales calls and coaching
  • If you are confident that you can pick up quickly given a loosely structured but highly impactful training process, you are our person. 

Keys to success:
  • You are extremely self-driven and loves challenges
  • You are disciplined, consistent, and do not take no for an answer.
  • You listen more than talk during client calls 
  • You understand how to lead with thought leadership and offer value to prospects, (instead of hard-selling). People who are hard-sellers will not fit well with us. 
  • You can think about your client/prospect accounts strategically, and can identify opportunities. 
  • You are organized and you are on top of your pipeline and numbers. 

Our Values
  • We think before we understand, and then we implement.
  • We prioritize high-impact actions.
  • We apply judgment on:
  • When to get involved and when to get out of the way.
  • When to be an independent problem solver and when to ask for help.
  • Good and fast is better than slow and perfect.
  • Stuff gets done, stuff gets done well.
  • There are days we are motivated, there are days we are not motivated. Every day, we are disciplined.
  • We trust each other because of transparency.
  • We reward performance, not hours worked, not tenure.
We are:

NOT Looking to be perfect/excel at every task. We are a rapidly growing startup that values practicality. We look for team members who find the happy medium between getting all the information and getting the job done

NOT going to micromanage. You are encouraged to ask: if this goes wrong, will it significantly affect the company/process/client? If not, make a decision and move on. 

NOT shy from being brutally honest with your teammates.

  • $100,000 to $200,000 total on-target earnings (estimated 50% base 50% commission)
  • Signing bonus 
  • Company performance bonus 
  • Regular Spiffs 
  • Potential ESOP opportunities 

If you are interested, kindly click the LINK.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/popcorn-growth-account-executive-position

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