Noxx: Pseudonymous Software Engineer


Posted: 3 months ago

Company Website
Position type
full time
Job source
Job location
Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

we're hiring a software engineer at noxx.

you will be joining our dev team and shaping noxx together to empower the pseudonymous future of work.

  • identity: pseudonymous
  • salary: global flat rate
  • location: remote
  • commitment: part-time (20+ hours/week) or full-time
  • start: asap

what is noxx?
  • noxx is a payroll and compliance tool for pseudonymous talent.
  • details in this tweet & blog post.

how would you work**?**
  • you would use a pseudonym.
  • you could use an avatar and voice-changer for meetings.
  • you would not show us your real identity.

who are we looking for?
  • requirements
    • passionate about web3 and pseudonymous economy.
    • 5+ years’ experience in web development
    • familiar with several of our backend tech stacks (Checkout “our tech stack” section)
    • have a strong interest in developing dApp or any relevant web3 application using smart contracts (Ethereum or other EVM compatible blockchains)

  • nice to have
    • experience with Serverless architecture using AWS products such as Lambda Function, DynamoDB, AppSync, Cognito
    • experience with web3 development tools (Ether.js, foundry-rs)
    • experience in working for small teams or startups
    • experience with full-stack development

position details?
  • you would be involved in a full-stack web3 application development 
    • serverless architecture
    • interacting with the Polygon network
  • you would lead projects to implement functionalities that we are planning to release.
  • the full-time position will start on a trial basis with a 1-month contractor agreement.

what is our tech stack?
  • frontend 
    • React, Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Ethers.js
  • web3 
    • Solidity(foundry-rs), IPFS, circom(zkp)
  • backend 
    • Serverless on AWS CDK, Lambda(Node.js/Rust), GraphQL(AppSync), Auth0, OpenIDConnect

how to apply
  • please don’t send us your cv, LinkedIn, GitHub with your real name.

don't doxx yourself for work.


To apply:

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