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Posted: 2 months ago

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full time
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5 - 10 lacs/annum
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We are looking to hire a Full-stack web developer who will be responsible for the creation and enhancement of web applications according to the company's specifications. As the role takes into consideration user experience and function, a certain level of both functional domain experience and computer programming is necessary.

To be successful in this position, you will be required to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the industry's best practices in software development, development expertise in back-end technologies, and must have a professional track record of effective technical management, information analysis, and experience in latest web technologies.

You should have in-depth knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming, an understanding of MVC designs, and working knowledge of front-end technologies including HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS3.



  1. Write efficient codes.
    2. Code, design, and manage the layout of web applications and suggest enhancements using standard HTML/CSS practices.
    3. Work closely with other web designers and programmers to produce web applications.
    4. Write back-end code and build efficient PHP modules.
    5. Develop back-end portals with an optimized database.
    6. Technically design complex backend applications.
    7. Troubleshoot application and code issues.
    8. Integrate data storage solutions.
    9. Respond to integration requests from front-end developers.
    10. Finalize back-end features and test web applications.
    11. Update and alter application features to enhance performance.
    12. Integrate with 3rd party application APIs and plugins.

    13.Guide team members for design and implementation of tasks
    14. Coordinate end-to-end implementation.



    • 1 to 3 years of professional experience working with PHP, web frameworks including Laravel, CodeIgniter- Preferred.
    • 1 to 3 years of professional software development experience-Preferred
    • Meaningful experience working on large, complex system integrations
    • Knowledge of front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.
    • Previous experience creating scalable applications.
    • Proficient with code versioning tools including Git, Mercurial, CVS, and SVN.
    • Familiarity with SQL/NoSQL databases.
    • Ability to manage projects.
    • Good problem-solving skills
    • Ability to take extreme ownership over your and teams work
    Skills:- MySQL, Laravel, CodeIgniter, PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Git, SVN, Software Development and Web Development
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