DevOps Engineer

Wind Pioneers

Posted: 2 months ago

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Position type
full time
Job source
6 - 19 lacs/annum
Job location
Bengaluru (Bangalore)


Key Responsibility

You’ll be building new features for our flagship wind farm design application – a unique tool for optimising and analysing wind farms.



Description of Role

Our vision as a company is to be world-leading at finding and designing new wind farm sites. We are building a set of tools, approaches and engineering processes that combine to form a capability to undertake the technical management of wind farm development at a significantly improved level of sophistication over existing standard industry approaches.

To achieve its aim, Wind Pioneers is constantly striving to build new tools that are one of its kind and a game changer in the industry. As a DevOps engineer you will be building new features onto our new flagship application.



Detailed Responsibilities


·        Participate in our Kanban-based development process

·        Liaise with the lead engineer to design and implement new data storage and processing architectures, for real-time wind data analyses

·        Learn, use and refine on our git-based release and QA processes

·        Take ownership of and maintain our (already well established) CI/CD processes and developer tooling

·        Work directly for a hugely experienced lead engineer




Candidate Requirements

We’re looking for a person who already has an excellent start in - and enthusiasm for - DevOps and SysOps.

You are a person with:

·        3-10 years of experience doing DevOps/SysOps or similar, please also tell us about related degrees or training and your experience with the stack (see below)

·        Great deal of attention to detail

·        Can-do, flexible and pro-active attitude to work

·        Particular about getting things right - from the data level up throughout the system. 


Your experience should highlight the projects you’ve worked on and problems you’ve solved - especially, please do tell us all about the subtle decisions you made that were the difference between a “functioning” system and a really well-engineered one.






We’ve built fully automated CI/CD systems so that we’re able to seamlessly deliver the software and quick analysis pipelines that the wind industry needs to build the next generation of wind farms.

You don’t have to be an expert with all of these, but enthusiasm for building world-class products with the following tooling is essential:

·        GitHub and GitHub Actions

·        GitOps/Release based workflows for testing, quality assurance and deployments 

·        Google Cloud Dataflow for lightning quick wind farm analysis jobs

·        Google Cloud Build and Container Repositories

·        Google Cloud BigQuery for environmental analytics data storage

·        Pre-commit and linting / QA tools like pylint

·        Remote .devcontainers




Wind Pioneers’ Offering

  • Be part of a focused team with a clear vision, dedicated to making an outsized impact in the way that wind farm projects are found and evaluated.
  • We build people up to be the best in the world.
  • Have the opportunity to be involved in development of Wind Pioneers’ tools
  • Over the years grow to become a high-calibre, well qualified systems architect.
  • Enjoy a friendly, relaxed office environment and team culture
  • Benefit from flexible working conditions
  • Receive a market-based salary along with addition of a six-monthly bonus from Wind Pioneers’ revenue share scheme
Skills:- GitHub and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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