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full time
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6 - 8 lacs/annum
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Your primary objective will be to cultivate an audience of 100,000+ using organic channels such as YouTube, Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, and any other of your choice.




  1.  Identify organic channels and activities for growing the Edyst community
  2.  Use automation to engage our current community using various channels
  3.  Set growth priorities, identify channels for customer acquisition, measure success, and scale growth.
  4.  Identifying, developing & optimizing growth channels to drive revenue growth. 
  5.  Working closely across teams with other teams to share ideas, feedback & present results.
  6.  Conduct market research to investigate how the market leaders, as well as competition, are hacking growth and leverage the learnings for our own growth
  7.  Understanding the various components and drivers of growth, along with trends (such as traffic, conversion, user engagement and, repeat behavior) and, creating actionable programs leading to user growth.
  8.  Analyzing user journeys to provide actionable insights and recommendations followed by quick experimentation via A|B testing routes on traffic/funnel enhancement to derive immediate impact on KPIs.


Requirements (must-have)

You're a great fit for this role if you have:

  1.  Have worked with higher ed student organizations (either as a member or by partnering with them)
  2.  Good written skills
  3.  Experience with platforms like Telegram or Discord for Community Management
  4.  The ability to derive insights, and recommendations from consumer feedback.
  5.  Strong data orientation with a structured problem-solving approach.
  6.  Excellent Excel skills – familiarity with pivot tables and vlookups is a huge bonus
  7.  Basic knowledge of analytics tools and the ability to set up tracking/reporting mechanisms to capture key metrics
Skills:- Community Management, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Growth Hacking, telegram and discord

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