Cloud security Engineer


Posted: 8 days ago

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Position type
full time
Job source
15 - 15 lacs/annum
Job location
Bengaluru (Bangalore)


 you will work on a diverse domain of information security across the organisation, most importantly infrastructure and data security
 own the cloud security posture management program and concentrate efforts on continuous improvement of the cloud security configurations aligned to global standards like NIST 800- 53, ISO 27001, Cloud Security Alliance, etc.
 engineer and uplift adoption of PaaC (Policy as a Code) to continuous monitoring of risk configurations changes.
 be responsible for identifying security issues (external as well as internal), help stakeholders to mitigate and at frequent occasions build a solution around some of the complex problem statements implement/maintain security for cloud-based systems/applications in AWS
 conduct security design/infrastructure reviews, security architecture reviews
 translate product requirements into threat models and identifying privacy issues and data leaks
 contribute to the building, operating and maintaining of the cloud security infrastructure to improve prevent, detect and response capabilities.
 build scalable systems which enforce and monitor compliance with your secure baseline, rectify issues automatically and alert on problematic systems.
 automate infrastructure security and develop/implement security automation to solve manual effort on a day-day basis
 build in-house security frameworks to establish a state of art security culture inside tech
 assist with creating security awareness and maintaining prudent security engineering culture within an organisation
 enable compliance in teams and help them achieve some of the industry’s best practices (e.g. PCI DSS, ISO 27001)

You should apply if you have:

 2-9 years of experience in information security
 proficiency in one or more of the programming languages (python, golang, bash)

 a good understanding of cloud security and a background of working with AWS Security
 the experience to perform automation using Terraform/Ansible/Docker/Kubernetes, and any one CI tools (e.g. Jenkins, CodePipeline, etc.)

 an understanding of concepts like Zero Trust Architecture, defence in depth, SASE.
 the ability to build packages from source code and secure Linux kernel.
 knowledge on eBPF, AppArmour, seccomp, and/or SElinux at scale.
 the drive to influence organisations and stakeholders by practising data-driven approach
 a GitHub profile, blog or a conference presentation
 the ability to be a go-to person and communicate effectively with stakeholders (engineers,
product, business teams)
 the zeal to be proactive in keeping yourself updated with security
news/issues/breaches/tools/blogs on the internet Skills:- Cyber Security, Information security, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, Programming, Automation and Cloud security

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