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12 - 18 lacs/annum
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Numadic is hiring a Backend Developer

We are Numads

Drawn to the unknown, we are new age nomads who seek to bring near what is far. We work as full stack humans, able to operate independently while enjoying the journey together. We see past the sandlines of clan and craft and value the unique and special talents of each. We think, we design, we code, we write, we share, we care and we ride together. We aim to live by our values of Humility, Collaboration and Transformation.

We undisrupt vehicle payments

To impact a highly fragmented v-commerce space, we aim to bring order to simplify & aggregate. We are a full stack v-commerce platform. We build the Network side of the products to achieve dense on-ground digital coverage by working with & aggregating different types of partners. Further help set the standards for scaling sustainably for the future. We also build the User side of the products to make road travel experience for our vehicle owners and drivers contactless and fully autonomous. 

About the role:

  1. Decode business rules into functional scope and technical needs.
  2. Design server-side architecture that can scale to millions of end users.
  3. Write and review technical documentation.
  4. Follow software development lifecycle for test driven development(TDD).
  5. Diagnose, fix bugs and performance bottlenecks.
  6. Implement security policies and processes to secure the application.
  7. Monitor & optimize application performance.
  8. Ability to quickly adapt and migrate code to most current technologies.

Why is the opportunity exciting

We are a startup and provide an opportunity to be a part of a fast growing company. With full ownership, you will have the direct ability to make a difference and lead teams. You will work and learn from among a diverse group of Numads. You will solve first-to-market problems to be taken globally. We are based out of Goa and we offer a great opportunity to work from one of the most beautiful parts of India.

Role requirements:

  1. Background - 2+ years of proven experience working as a Backend Developer.
  2. Proficiency in NodeJS, Express and vanilla javascript.
  3. Hands-on experience with databases. (e.g. Postgres, MongoDB, Elasticsearch)
  4. Strong knowledge creating APIs. Knowledge using web sockets.
  5. Experience in creating REST API documentation using Open API or similar tools.
  6. Experience developing and creating architectures taking advantage of cloud services and capabilities
  7. Hands on experience on cloud services (AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean), git and CI/CD tools.
  8. Bias for action - ability to move quickly while taking time out to review the details.
  9. Clear communicator - Ability to synthesise and clearly articulate complex information, highlighting key takeaways and actionable insights.
  10. Team player - Working mostly autonomously, yet being a team player keeping your crews looped-in.
  11. Education - Degree in Computer Science or relevant field or relevant experience.
  12. Mindset - Ability to take responsibility for your life and that of your people and projects.
  13. Mindfulness - Ability to maintain practices that keep you grounded.

Join Numadic

From the founders to our investors and advisors, what we share is a common respect for the value of human life and of meaningful relationships. We are full-stack humans, who work with full-stack humans and seek to do business with full-stack humans. We have turned down projects, when we found misalignment of values at the other end of the table. We do not believe that the customer is always right. We believe that all humans are equal and that the direction of the flow of money should not define the way people are treated. This is life at Numadic.

Skills:- Express, NodeJS (Node.js), PostgreSQL and MySQL

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